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SITREP: Mirabile Dictu! my links restored  4/29/2010; still BANNED/MONITORED…

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“Aren’t we on the same side, working tirelessly to expose this evil cabal? Aren’t we  brothers in the fight, united in our conspiracy theories? What’s up  Jason?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 880806
United States

4/9/2010 7:30 PM

The above minion  responded to my posts on Palin & Obama w/YouTube clip of  Metallica w/the title “Masters  Of  The Puppets” displayed across top of clip, and this  comment sorry to be so obvious, had to be doneTranslation:we know who you are, and cannot allow you to continue to post this stuff, it violates our orders as “gatekeepers/controlled assets” — subsequently I was “BANNED”and all links to my blog contained w/in posts were frozen. Question: Who’s team are Jason Lucas & Alex  Shamash on?

ITK7: Godlike…

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