Soldiers of Christ Enduring Hardness

Some of those behind Agenda 21 programs have been meeting in buildings of known churches and libraries. Sadly many Christians do not know or understand what Agenda 21  really is or even understand who they are allowing to use their buildings for propaganda of a  Satanically-inspired plan. Some Christians and paid off Preachers (“Agent’s of Change”) are teaching and using the rhetoric of Agenda 21.

The buzzwords (or twisted and camouflaged words) of Agenda 21 are:

– “sustainable development”

– “redistribution of wealth”

– “social justice”

– “population change” (meaning population reduction)

– “centralized control”

– “climate change” (formerly “global warming”)

– “smart growth”

– “consensus building,”

– “biodiversity,”

– “local visioning,”

– “communitarianism” (meaning the community is more important than the individuals)

– “resilient cities”

– “Think globally; act locally”

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge …

Berit Kjos tells us about Agenda 21 by…

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