Recent information came out this week about the death of Princess Diana. Long suspected as a assasination by the Illuminati,( new revlations have surfaced “offically” that the British miliitary were behind the deaths of Princess Diana and her fiance Dodi Fayed and their driver, all of whom died in the August 31, 1997, crash. If true it is not a surprise. Every since man asked God for a King, man-made government has been completely corrupt, whether democracy, socialism, communism or a monarchy. Letting men have absolute control is a recipe for diaster. Right now in my hometown of Boston as well as other cities nationwide, elections are shaping up and campaigns are in full swing. Many of these elections are happening in inner cities such as Boston, and with it, one of the mosre popular campaign platforms are anti-violence and discrimination. Candidates give speeches about how they have the answers…

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